Lighting Design

At Rushing now IMEG, our Lighting Studio delivers architecturally integrated lighting solutions that blend innovation with sustainability and human-centered design principles. We prioritize achieving high-performance energy and lighting control targets while ensuring projects remain on schedule and within budget. From initial design to final construction, we collaborate closely with your team to consistently deliver exceptional results that earn repeat client satisfaction.

Lighting Services


Intentional Lighting Design

  • We design with your best interests in mind, artfully melding your aesthetic vision with budget, code, construction, and scheduling parameters.
  • We provide creative lighting solutions that are architecturally integrative, and performance driven.
  • We consider Illumination for human well-being.
  • We design wholistically, weaving the site, historical, cultural, and environmental context throughout interior and exterior lighting design.
  • We are well versed on product advancements and industry offerings.
  • We take an educated approach to luminaire product selection.


Code, Energy, and Controls Efficiency

  • We provide comprehensive lighting solutions.  
  • We are adept at balancing aggressive energy and code targets without compromising design integrity, creating a seamless, satisfying user experience. 
  • We are partners in creating a more sustainable future; from local utility programs to industry leading sustainability protocols, we partner together for the future of people and the planet. 


Construction Support

  • We design for constructability. 
  • We understand the technical lighting implications of multi-disciplinary design and integrate these requirements out of the gate to mitigate unforeseen cost and field impacts. 
  • We design with your budget in mind, coordinating with project partners throughout the design process. 
  • We see our projects through; from schematic design to final punch walks, the Rushing Lighting Studio partners with you to cross the finish line. 


 Lighting Awards

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