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Navigating Resilient Infrastructure Design with LEED v5: Building a Sustainable Future

By: Elizabeth Arsenault, Sustainability Consultant; Andrew Kang, Sustainability Manager Building for Tomorrow: The Rise of Resilience in Sustainable Design: In today’s ever-changing landscape, resilience has emerged as an essential concept, especially within the built environment. Defined by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), as the ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and…


Designing for Life: Exploring the Human-Centered Approach

By: Elizabeth Arsenault, Sustainability Consultant Putting People First: The Essence of Human-Centered Design (HCD) Today, there’s no denying the profound influence the built environment has on the human experience. Through human-centered design, we unlock the potential to shape spaces that uplift and empower people, revealing their inherent strengths and capabilities.  Human-centered design (HCD) is a…


Rushing Joins IMEG

Seattle, WA—Rushing, an award-winning Seattle-based mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering, lighting design, energy services, and commissioning firm, has joined IMEG. The merger helps position both firms for continued growth in the Pacific Northwest market. Rushing has served clients since 2006 in multiple market sectors including arts and culture, commercial, education, government, healthcare, hospitality,…

Plan rendering of the EcoTHRIVE Burien Pilot Village. Multiple buildings next to each other.


EcoTHRIVE: A Conversation with Denise Henrikson, Co-Founder

Rushing’s Sustainability Studio recently had the privilege of interviewing Denise Henrikson, co-founder of EcoTHRIVE Housing. EcoTHRIVE is a community-led community land trust (CLT) that focuses on developing small private homes co-owned by residents through a limited equity cooperative (LEC). Denise shared with us the inspiring story behind the Burien Village, a cooperative that will be…


Rushing’s MEP 2040 Plan

Decarbonization of the built environment’s MEP systems is a critical component in the global fight against climate change. The industry still has a way to go to make true decarbonization a reality, but there are steps that we as engineers can take today to usher in that reality. In our MEP 2040 Company Plan, Rushing…

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Navigating ESG Excellence: Integrating Sustainability in the Built Environment with Rushing

ESG in the Built Environment Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) outlines the criteria used to assess a company’s impact on our ecological systems, its relationship with the community, and the efficiency of its internal controls and decision-making structures. The most common ESG metrics tracked in the real estate and building industry can be broadly categorized…

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LEED v4 Energy Updates Coming!

Effective March 1, 2024, USGBC is launching updates to LEED v4 that impact the energy performance assessment of LEED building projects. These updates apply to the energy prerequisite and credit of all Building Design and Construction (BD+C) – residential and commercial – and Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) projects registered after March 1.  Projects that…

Bird's eye view of Seattle by Elliott Bay.


Seattle’s Green Horizon: An Overview of the Building Emissions Performance Standards

The Building Emissions Performance Standard (BEPS) proposed in Seattle sets carbon emissions targets that larger existing buildings need to achieve in the coming two to three decades. By: Nina Olivier, Manager of Sustainability Background In Seattle, buildings are one of the largest sources of climate pollution, responsible for more than a third of the city’s…


World Soil Day: The Wonderful World of Dirt

Tips and tricks to promote healthy dirt in your home. By: Carissa Nelson, Manager of Sustainability When thinking of how we can all help pitch in to build a healthier and more sustainable world, soil often doesn’t come to mind. Building healthy living soils is a powerful way in which we can support the health…

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The Miller Homestead: Incremental Improvements in Home Energy Efficiency

Chasing Energy Efficiency and Electrification in a New England Home – Converting from Natural Gas to Heat Pumps By: Nathan Miller, Lead Energy Analyst & Mechanical Engineer Growing up as somewhat of a misfit in rural Maine, I always assumed I’d “escape” my native state and never look back. I only applied to west-coast colleges,…