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Meet Our Team

Manager of Electrical Engineering: Andrew Blackwell

Andrew Blackwell, Manager of Electrical Engineering at Rushing, has been with the company since 2022 and is a licensed Professional Engineer (Electrical). How did you get into Electrical Engineering? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had an interest in engineering, and it was largely due to my mom’s profession as a computer engineer at…

Meet Our Team

Human Resources Manager: Lindsay Decker

Lindsay Decker is the Human Resources Manager at Rushing. She has been with Rushing since 2021 and is a licensed Professional in Human Resources. Tell us about how you got into Human Resources. I started my path in HR while working various contract jobs for multiple WA State tribal enterprises within their business development while…

Meet Our Team

Director of Electrical Engineering: Nick Rich

Nick Rich is an Associate Principal and the Director of Electrical Engineering at Rushing. He has been with Rushing since 2019 and has his P.E. and LEED AP certifications. What inspired you to get into your field? My affinity for all things scientific and logical, as well as a drive from my father. What do…


Business Services

Rushing’s Business Services team is comprised of our Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Facilities and IT teams. Their daily tasks include a combination of employee, office, and behind the scenes business-related focuses that contribute to the flow of Rushing. From proposal support to server management, the Business Services team covers an assortment of responsibilities to keep…

“We understand that innovation and creativity are born through diverse design representation in problem solving.” – Rae Anne Rushing 


Project Services

The Rushing Project Services team is our administrative group that helps streamline and reinforce tasks from our day-to-day workflow to the executives, studios, and project teams. This group includes our Project Coordination and BIM teams. Our Project Coordination team provides proactive and ongoing project support. Working collaboratively with the project managers, they ensure scope, project…


Commissioning Studio

Commissioning is the systematic process of verification and documentation to ensure the building owner’s design intent and operational requirements are delivered. Throughout the design and construction process, our commissioning team will review systems for start-up, check out, commissioning readiness and functionally test these systems to ensure compliance with the contract documents.


Energy Studio

Rushing’s Energy Studio is home to sustainability-focused environmental stewards who also happen to be efficiency-obsessed engineers. They take pride not only in their comprehensive knowledge of high performance building design, but also their ability to distill and communicate that information to clients and fellow design team members. They guide projects through the many pathways available…


Lighting Studio

The Rushing Lighting Studio provides innovative, architecturally integrated lighting solutions that are sustainably conscious and human centered. Their holistic approach artfully balances thoughtful design with high-performance energy and lighting control targets, all while helping projects stay on schedule and within budget. From design inception to construction completion, Rushing partners with your team each step of…


Plumbing Studio

The Rushing Plumbing Studio offers expert plumbing and fire protection engineering, examining numerous factors in plumbing design, including water savings goals, functionality, cost, future maintenance, aesthetics, and material. Our engineers approach each project with an open mind and precise attention to detail, honing in on our individual and collective expertise to find the best resolution…

“We pride ourselves on inclusion, sharing a space in which everyone has a voice and a seat at the table.” – Rae Anne Rushing

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Studio

Rushing provides services for various projects, including commercial offices, transportation, retail, laboratories, historic renovation, higher education, affordable housing, mixed-use, and multifamily high-rise condominiums. Our electrical engineers strive to continually increase their knowledge and expertise through multidisciplinary collaboration. They pride themselves in their relationships with contractors, vendors, and utility providers to stay current with industry developments…