Services: When teams collaborate — the best ideas surface.

Our collaborative design process encourages project teams to move away from conventional design and construction practices, embracing all-inclusive, multidisciplinary involvement early in the process. We believe in integrative design and work closely with project stakeholders—owners, architects, contractors—from conception to completion.

At Rushing we bring together the best minds to create effective, forward-focused designs that encompass innovation, cost, and environmental impact. We are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of technology and product development and put all our cards on the table, sharing our knowledge with our collaborators. We’re transparent with our clients and team members to allow informed decision making, which ultimately ensures successful outcomes. 

Rushing mechanical engineers strive to give our clients the best design experience because we genuinely care about the buildings we design and their long term impact on the environment. Creating healthy interior spaces where occupants will thrive is what drives our team to invest our hearts in each project.

Our electrical engineering team provides services for a broad spectrum of projects including commercial office, transportation, retail, laboratories, historic renovation, higher education and multifamily residential, from low-income housing to luxury condominiums.

 The plumbing studio at Rushing designs systems customized to the needs of each building owner to optimize efficiency while providing the best experience and safeguarding the health of building occupants. Our fire protection team brings safety to the forefront with every design.

The lighting studio at Rushing provides high-performance and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Joining artistry with technical expertise, our lighting designers are knowledgeable about the latest in lighting technology and manufacturing, products and control solutions for today’s most challenging design projects.

Rushing’s Energy Studio provides data-backed analysis enabling owners and design teams to select an optimized package of holistic design elements that best suits their building and needs. While our cutting-edge Net-Zero-Energy and Low-Carbon design work deservedly grabs attention, we also assist teams in navigating the maze of vexing code official feedback, and guidance selecting the most appropriate path to code compliance to balance efficiency and cost.

The Sustainability Studio supports teams with setting and achieving goals unique to each project. With experts of various backgrounds on staff, we aim to encompass the breadth of sustainability and wellness in the built environment.

Commissioning is the systematic process of verification and documentation to ensure the building owner’s design intent and operational requirements are delivered. Throughout the design and construction process, our commissioning team will review systems for start-up, check out, commissioning readiness and compliance with the contract documents.

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