Commissioning Studio

Commissioning is a systematic documented process to ensure the building owner’s operational requirements and the engineer’s design intent are met. Throughout the design and construction process our commissioning studio reviews systems for operability, proper installation, successful startup, and functional performance. Rushing’s commissioning services enhance our ability to provide an integrative engineering process to our clients by bridging the gap between design and construction. Performance verification of a building’s complex integrated systems ensures proper setup and operation which additionally provides opportunities for cost savings and reduced maintenance throughout the life of a building. 

Commissioning Services

Rushing commissioning services enhances our ability to provide building problem solving to our clients. Verification of a building’s complex integrated systems during installation and witness testing ensures that owner project requirements and design intent has been met prior to operation and occupancy and can provide opportunities for cost savings throughout the life of a building. 

  • Energy Code Commissioning Services 
  • LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning Services 
  • System Condition and Life-Cycle Assessments 
  • Building Tune-Ups 
  • Existing Building and Post-Occupancy Commissioning Services 

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