Sustainability Consulting

The demand for sustainability in the built environment is a priority and, in many jurisdictions, no longer optional. Modern sustainability has grown vast in the topics it encompasses, which can be daunting to endeavor. Our sustainability team aims to deconstruct and demystify the ever-growing facets of sustainability to support cost-effective strategies for teams to achieve their goals.  

Projects certified by Rushing’s Sustainability Studio account for 10% of LEED-certified square feet in Washington—more than 2.37 million square feet across ten projects.  

Sustainability Services

Green Building Certification Management Green building certifications are third-party certification protocols that assess, verify, and recognize buildings designed, constructed, and operated in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We provide consulting services for the following protocols and more:

  • LEED
    • Multifamily Homes, New Construction, Labs, Hospitality, Core and Shell, Transportation Stations, Campus, Healthcare, Commercial Interiors, Retail, and Operations and maintenance.
  • Built Green
  • Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard
  • Passive House
  • Living Building Challenge
  • Salmon-Safe
  • My Green Lab
  • Federal High-Performance Building Standard

Wellness Certification Management The impact of buildings on human health and well-being has never been more evident or essential.  We provide consulting services for the following wellness protocols:

  • WELL
  • Fitwel
  • RESET Standard

Municipal Incentive Consulting and Procurement We provide procurement services for the following incentive programs and beyond:

  • Seattle City Light: Built Smart
  • City of Seattle Green Building Standard
  • City of Shoreline Deep Green Program
  • City of Redmond Green Building Incentive Program
  • City of Kirkland High Performing Green Building Program
  • Puget Sound Energy Incentive Programs
  • Inflation Reduction Act – Tax Incentives

ESG Management Our Sustainability Studio is excited to guide, manage, and enable the reporting of quality performance measures for your organization’s ESG Goals. ESG is an Environmental, Social, and Governance rating that measures a company’s exposure to long-term environmental, social, and governance risks. We work with teams to improve their ratings by developing and implementing sustainability plans for their organization.

Resiliency Consulting Rushing is a leader in climate adaptation and resiliency planning through an inclusive and multi-disciplinary approach to developing place-based strategies to protect people, infrastructure, and the environment and create better outcomes in the future.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Consulting Life Cycle Assessment is a valuable tool for measuring the environmental impacts of projects, including global warming potential. Both operational and embodied carbon are critical metrics that the building industry must address to reduce its impact on climate change. We provide low-carbon design comparative analyses, embodied carbon reduction education, LCA project management, and carbon-neutral certification management.

Feasibility Studies Through comprehensive assessments, we support our clients in choosing the sustainability pathway most aligned with the project’s vision, budget, and team. Our feasibility studies enable teams to decide their sustainability journey and outcomes confidently.

Biophilic Design Charettes Biophilic design permeates nature throughout the built environment to encourage and support the human-nature connection. With countless research studies indicating the myriad benefits to human health and high-performance buildings, biophilic design is the next frontier for modern building design. Our Sustainability Studio guides the process of the deliberate integration of the principles of biophilic design.

Sustainability Awards

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