Energy services enhance our ability to provide comprehensive integrated design to our clients. Our expertise addresses energy management for both new construction and existing buildings, and we provide a suite of services tailored to each project.

  • Building Energy Analysis
  • Existing Building Systems Energy Auditing
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Energy Star Certification
  • Utility Rebate Procurement

Building Energy Analysis:  Every design decision has an impact on the lifelong energy use of a building.  At Rushing, our engineers select and utilize the appropriate building simulation tool to provide feedback on the energy use of design decisions from conception to completion. We have extensive experience in energy modeling for a variety of third party protocols, including LEED credit documentation, utility incentive procurement, and 2030 Challenge benchmarking.

Existing Building Systems Energy Auditing: Rushing engineers and commissioning agents provide ASHRAE Level I and Level II auditing involving scoping and investigation in compliance with local utility rebate programs such as Puget Sound Energy’s Comprehensive Building Tune-Up program. Completing the audit process with a list of energy and water conservation measures (EWCMs) complete with payback analysis is essential to inform the client what the most cost effective and appropriate next steps should be.

Retro-Commissioning:  Verification testing through physical inspections and functional performance tests with documented procedures and results in existing buildings with the intention of tuning the building’s energy and water systems. Rushing commissioning agents implement low and no cost EWCMs such as: schedule changes, temperature set point changes, and minimum ventilation settings.

Energy Star Verification: Includes a Statement of Energy Performance, completion of forms and Engineer’s stamp verifying that we’ve reviewed the bills and done a site visit to confirm conditions are optimal.

Utility Rebate Procurement: Rushing engineers are ready to be your liaison with your Utility providers. We routinely provide the documentation required to secure energy rebates from Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy.