Project Description

Seattle, Washington

Aspira is a new 37 story, 629,000 SF high-rise urban apartment community with living units, spa, fitness area, library, conference areas, media room, and community room. There is also 6,000 SF of retail space on the ground level. Built Green 4-Star rating. Aspira was built with both beauty and sustainability in mind. It’s targeting to be the first and only 4-Star Certified Built Green high-rise residential building in Seattle. And, as part of Seattle’s Green Street program, the developers provided additional building setbacks, enhanced landscaping at the sidewalks, and an innovative “green wall” that will support vining plants.

Systems commissioned include:
  • Distributed hydronic heating system
  • Centralized domestic hot water heating and distribution system
  • DDC building management systems
  • Lighting controls




  • Commissioning

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