We are excited to announce our partnership in the launch of the Washington Business Climate Declaration! Rushing joins over 100 businesses representing a broad range of sectors in showing our support for taking action on climate change.

Signing the Declaration represents our belief that addressing climate change presents an extraordinary opportunity to secure the future of Washington’s economy. We want to encourage other businesses and individuals to join us in realizing not only the need for action, but also the growth potential that will accompany innovative climate solutions.

Our long-standing commitment to climate action is at the core of our work. We not only engineer energy-efficient buildings and work with design teams to achieve a range of sustainability goals, we also help write the building code that makes Seattle one of the most sustainable, climate-conscious cities in the country. The future holds many opportunities for us to continue to refine and improve the ways buildings are constructed and operated.

We are enthusiastic about joining forces with so many other like-minded businesses to promote a common cause and to advocate for a secure, clean economic and energy future. To learn more and add your voice to the Washington Business Climate Declaration, visit the website.