The bike-friendly states’ ranking began back in 2008, and Washington has always claimed the top position.  Although this year the first and second spots were occupied by Massachusetts and Oregon.  As proud Washingtonians, we were quick to clap back with emphasis on it being a brief rise to the top for these states.  Washington fell out of the top spot due to funding but has already taken major action to address this area.  Just before the 2022 rankings were released Washington passed the Move Ahead Washington funding measure, which provided up to $1.29 billion for active transportation projects. 

Washingtonians take great pride in holding the top spot in the Union for bicycling because it took a lot of hard work from state legislators, advocates, and WSDOT staff.  Besides, being docked this year for funding we were mostly praised for including environmental justice in transportation planning, and our creation of the Safe, Healthy, Active Streets program during the pandemic.

As natural leaders in the two-wheeled community Washingtonians would like to advise all other states to do something big this year, as we will easily be reclaiming our rightful spot in 2023 thanks to our Move Ahead Washington measure.  

Washington briefly falls out of #1 spot in bike-friendly states list | Seattle Bike Blog