Alexandra Ramsden will be speaking about biomimicry in an urban setting at a variety of conferences and events this fall.  Rushing is currently engaged in the Urban Greenprint project, funded by the Bullitt Foundation, which “seeks to solve the environmental issues impacting our urban centers by learning from nature’s billions of years of experimentation” in order to restore functions of predevelopment ecosystems through urban structures and spaces.

SXSW Eco 2013 LogoAlexandra will be speaking on two different panels at the third annual South by Southwest Eco conference in Austin, Texas on October 7. The first event, “Convergent Urbanism: A Biomimicry Workshop” will be co-hosted by a panel of leaders in the biomimicry field from around the U.S. This session will explore “the imprecise and dynamic ways that cities naturally change, challenging programmatic and formulaic approaches to place

[s] that are disconnected from living principles. Workshop attendees will truly shape the discourse of this workshop by identifying a list of urban challenges for us in advance that we will pair with biological and ecological inspirations.” The workshop will take place from 10:45 am to 1:00 pm in MR10AB of the Austin Convention Center.

Later the same day, Alexandra and her Biomimicry Puget Sound co-founder, Jennifer Barnes, will collaborate with Brent Davies of Ecotrust and Richard Graves of the International Living Futures Institute in hosting “Urban Ecosystems: Design by Nature.” This panel will discuss how cities can operate as cleanly, efficiently, and beautifully as nature, and how that perspective will radically alter human and environmental well-being. Living Building Challenge and Seattle’s Bullitt Center will be part of the conversation and a attendees will be engaged in a broader discussion about urban ecosystem services. This session runs from 3:15 to 4:15 pm in MR 9C at the Austin Convention Center.

Sea Change 2013 LogoAlexandra’s next event will bring her back to the Pacific Northwest, where she and Jennifer will share the Urban Greenprint project and the Biomimicry Life’s Principles framework at the Architectural Institute of British Columbia’s annual conference.  This year’s event, Sea Change: Architecture on the Crest, focuses on elements of changes which “are shaking the foundations of our communities and stirring questions about our shared future.”  Their hands-on session, “Ripple Effect: Biomimicry & Nature’s Genius” will introduce participants to key bi