Rushing is proud to be providing MEP design, Energy Modeling, LEED Consulting, Lighting Design and Commissioning for the Emerald, this 40-story high rise condo building currently under construction in downtown Seattle.

From the article:

The Emerald homeowners will have access to shared on-demand, on-site Model S and Model X Teslas thanks to a partnership between developer Daniels Create World Seattle LLC and Envoy Technologies.

The Emerald, a 40-story high-rise, is a 265-unit condo set to deliver in 2020. The building features one-bedroom homes that range from 600 to 950 SF and start at $500K. It is at 121 Stewart St., a block from Pike Place Market, and features unobstructed westward views of the Puget Sound and the Olympics mountains. 

This is Envoy Technologies’ first partnership in Seattle, but it operates in 100 sites around the country and plans on entering other markets, including Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, Chicago, New York, Boston, Miami and Washington, D.C.

“Seattle is a prime location to deliver innovative EV solutions,” Envoy co-founder Ori Sagie said in a statement. “Local leaders, utilities and commercial groups are increasingly recognizing the benefits of clean mobility. Seattle is one of the biggest EV markets, and as related infrastructure grows in the city, we look forward to expanding our platform.”

Designed by architectural firm Hewitt, The Emerald is planned as a LEED Silver residential tower with energy-efficient applicances, windows designed to enhance natural light, LED lighting, low-VOC materials and water-saving native plants.

“Demand for car ownership is becoming less and less in downtown Seattle as urbanites embrace walking, cycling and car sharing,” Polaris Pacific Vice President and Regional Manager Josh Nasvik said in a statement. “We wanted The Emerald to model ecological amenities and Envoy is the perfect lifestyle partnership. Our future residents are excited about this prospect and are already downloading the app.”

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