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Rushing was built from the ground up. Through dedication, strength, and putting humans first, a particular rush comes with putting together all of the pieces. We create, problem-solve, analyze, and eventually bring it all to life. We want to show people the Rushing difference in a way that makes an impact where people and the planet flourish.

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Navigating ESG Excellence: Integrating Sustainability in the Built Environment with Rushing

ESG in the Built Environment Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) outlines the criteria used to assess a company’s impact on our ecological systems, its relationship with the community, and the efficiency of its internal controls and decision-making structures. The most common ESG metrics tracked in the real estate and building industry can be broadly categorized…

Energy Services

LEED v4 Energy Updates Coming!

Effective March 1, 2024, USGBC is launching updates to LEED v4 that impact the energy performance assessment of LEED building projects. These updates apply to the energy prerequisite and credit of all Building Design and Construction (BD+C) – residential and commercial – and Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) projects registered after March 1.  Projects that…


LEED v4 Updates

USGBC has posted updates to LEED v4 pertaining to the Energy and Atmosphere category. These updates are open to public comment before they are presented to USGBC membership for ballot approval. Updates will officially apply to projects registered after the date of approval; previously registered projects will not be impacted. Implications of the updates include…