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Rushing was built from the ground up. Through dedication, strength, and putting humans first, a particular rush comes with putting together all of the pieces. We create, problem-solve, analyze, and eventually bring it all to life. We want to show people the Rushing difference in a way that makes an impact where people and the planet flourish.

Meet Our Team

Human Resources Manager: Lindsay Decker

Lindsay Decker is the Human Resources Manager at Rushing. She has been with Rushing since 2021 and is a licensed Professional in Human Resources. Tell us about how you got into Human Resources. I started my path in HR while working various contract jobs for multiple WA State tribal enterprises within their business development while…

Meet Our Team

Director of Electrical Engineering: Nick Rich

Nick Rich is an Associate Principal and the Director of Electrical Engineering at Rushing. He has been with Rushing since 2019 and has his P.E. and LEED AP certifications. What inspired you to get into your field? My affinity for all things scientific and logical, as well as a drive from my father. What do…