On October 10, King County GreenTools will be hosting a Sustainable Cities Roundtable with Sim Van der Ryn. Rushing Director of Sustainability, Alexandra Ramsden, will be on the discussion panel which will offer “a unique blend of theory and practice, reflection and call for action, and appreciation for strides made with a vision of what needs to change in order to truly reduce human impact on the environment and improve our quality of life” (King County GreenTools).

Van der Ryn is a leading voice in ecological design with decades of experience as an architect and as an advocate for environmental and social responsibility. His latest book, Design for an Empathic World: Reconnecting People, Nature, and Self, “calls for architects and designers to think more holistically about the effects of their work on themselves, the space’s inhabitants, and the earth.” 

Sustainable Cities Roundtables is on the eve of its 5th anniversary. While many of the Sustainable Cities Roundtables are government solutions forums closed to the public, this event is among a few that take place each year that are open to the greater green building community. 

The roundtable runs from 12:00 to 1:30 pm at Bethaday Community Learning space at 605 SW 108th Street. A tour of the Technology Access Foundation Bethaday Community Learning Space and a workshop will follow the roundtable.