Sustainability Studio

The demand for sustainability in the built environment is a priority and, in many jurisdictions, no longer optional. Modern sustainability has grown vast in the topics it encompasses, which can be daunting to endeavor. Our sustainability team aims to deconstruct and demystify the ever-growing facets of sustainability to support cost-effective strategies for teams to achieve their goals. Rushing’s Sustainability Studio supports teams with setting and achieving goals unique to each project. With experts of various backgrounds on staff, we aim to encompass the breadth of sustainability and wellness in the built environment.

Through an integrative and collaborative approach, our sustainability studio provides green building and wellness certification management, municipal incentive consulting and procurement, ESG management, resiliency consulting, whole building life cycle analyses and carbon accounting, feasibility studies, and biophilic design charettes. Our team draws upon the engineering expertise within the company to provide technical input and cost/benefit analyses to inform decision-making with real science. Our practice of cross-disciplinary collaboration and a full suite of services under one roof brings efficiency and accountability to project team coordination of sustainability strategies.