Pictured: Nathan Haley and Cody Jackson, mechanical project engineers at Rushing and members of this week’s service week team.

Brian McNeil is refilling coffee beans in the coffee maker and wiping down the kitchen counter. A mechanical designer at Rushing, Brian is also on this week’s service team.

Service week teams are made of up three or four Rushing employees, rotating each week to clean and tidy the office kitchen and other common spaces.

The idea for service week teams came about after Rae Anne Rushing, CEO and co-founder of Rushing, visited another company and noticed how clean it was. They told her employees at their firm take turns cleaning the space. “I really liked the sense of ownership it seemed their employees felt in their space,” said Rae Anne. Rushing implemented service week teams soon after.

With the rotating schedule Rushing employees serve on the team a few times a year. In addition to the regular tasks, service week teams will tackle more looming projects like cleaning out the office refrigerators.

“There is something to be said about keeping your home clean, about creating a place everyone cares about and feels comfortable in,” said Brian. “Everyone is putting in an effort and it shows. Our kitchen stays clean. We’re not just expecting someone else to do it for us.”

Implementing service week teams has made everyone more aware of our space and take ownership for how it looks, said Shawn Tuthill, BIM coordinator. “Employees don’t wait for the service week team to take care of something. When I see the dishwasher is finished, I empty it.”

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