Rushing’s 2012 Regional Tech Award submission for Lake City Court was awarded a 2nd place standing in the New Residential category at the Region XI CRC in Winnipeg, May 2012.

Rushing was the mechanical engineer for the solar hot water heating and photovoltaic array, developed design build documents for the MEP systems, and provided sustainabilty consulting for this 86-unit, mixed-use/mixed-income residential property in North Seattle. 

From the ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter June 2012 Punch List:

Lake City Court First Place Award Winner – in the Chapter Competition

Second Place Award Winner – in the Regional Competition

Scott Rushing, Rushing Co. 

Lake City Court offers what is arguably the “greenest” affordable housing in Washington State. This 86 unit project owned by the Seattle Housing Authority has the largest residential photovoltaic array in Seattle (71 kW peak capacity, 5,000 SF), sized to provide over 10% of annual electricity consumption in the building. Additionally 1,500 square feet of solar thermal collectors serve as preheat for the domestic hot water system and provide approximately 12% of annual DHW needs. Aside from these “high-visibility” sustainability measures, the project also makes use of premium efficiency condensing boilers for both DHW and hydronic space heating needs and variable-flow hot water circulation. To further encourage energy conservation, each unit is submetered for electricity, domestic cold and hot water, and hydronic heating (using a BTU-meter) and tenants pay their own utility bills. Rushing was the engineer record for the domestic hot water, hydronic and renewable energy systems. Additionally, Rushing has been retained to analyze utility bills and calibrate the project energy model to evaluate overall building performance and the efficacy of the sustainability measures after its first year of operation.


Photo courtesy of SkyPics Aerial