Three members of the Rushing team volunteered on the construction site of Estelita’s Library, a justice-focused community library. The project build is run by Sawhorse Revolution, a Seattle-based non-profit that teaches teens carpentry and design through local community projects, in partnership with the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

Located in Seattle’s Central District, the site will be the new home of Estelita’s, currently located in Beacon Hill.

The Rushing work party volunteers were tasked with digging drainage trenches on either side of the building and painting the inside of the building with a unique color blocking scheme.

Rushing's Nathan Denni preparing to paint Estelita's LibraryVolunteers followed strict job site safety measures, including limiting the number of volunteers on site and observing social distancing guidelines. “It was a blast,” Ron Wilhelm, senior plumbing designer shared. “They made social distancing work. It was a lot of hard work but really satisfying.”

Rushing donated mechanical and electrical design as well as lighting design and energy code support for the project. “I want