The Rushing offices are undergoing a tenant improvement project aimed at optimizing work space and increasing capacity.

New work stations include sit/stand desks
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Construction is in the second phase of a two-phase project. This phase, which began in June, will see an update to the kitchen, reception, conference rooms, private offices and lighting.

The updates to this historic Westlake building, initially constructed in 1920, were initiated by Rushing to provide space for the company to grow and showcase its work. “We want it to be a place where clients want to come and gather,” says Amanda Harris, manager of business services. This renovation “shows what we can do as a company right here at home.”

Rushing is utilizing its teams to providing all design services for the space: new lighting features have been designed by the lighting team; electrical has provided layouts; sustainability has maintained alignment with a LEED checklist; and mechanical has been involved as well. To implement the design, Rushing is teaming up with construction companies with a history of work with Rushing on client-facing projects.

The first phase, which began in March 2019, involved updating workstations and replacing flooring and was completed in three weeks. This second phase is on schedule for completion by the end of August.

Rushing moved from the first to the third floor of the building in 2009. This is the second tenant improvement in the third-floor space, which has been in the works for more than a year. Learn about the Rushing LEED Platinum certified offices.

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