Rushing is providing MEP Conceptual Design for the Northgate Mall expansion and redevelopment project.

Phase I of the project will span 33 acres, with almost 3 million square feet planned (including parking and open space). About 1,205 residential units will go above the retail. Several old buildings will be demolished and new buildings will be developed on most of the parking lots. Nordstrom, the food court, the new above-ground garages and some other structures on the west side, closer to Interstate 5, will remain.

The basic program is for a dozen new buildings ranging from 65 to 125 feet. Taller heights are allowed closer to Northgate Station.

The plans include about:

• 768,800 square feet of offices in four buildings with five to eight stories (one complex would have two towers)

• 1.1 million square feet for 1,205 apartments in four mixed-use buildings with six to eight stories

• 240,177 square feet of retail in all buildings

• 145,000 square feet for a separate fitness center and pool

• 109,840 square feet for a seven-story hotel with about 200 rooms

• 4,035 surface and underground parking stalls (bringing the mall total to about 6,682 stalls, and replacing most of the surface stalls on land that is being redeveloped)

About 428,000 square feet of existing retail will remain for now; some may be removed in Phase II.

Link Light rail service is also expected to begin at Northgate Station in 2021.

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