Rushing’s Radu Dicher attended the 2019 Design Technology Summit (DTS) held in Seattle, WA, July 17 and 18. DTS is an exclusive, invitation-only conference that brings together 40 professionals in the building architecture and engineering (AE) design industry to share experiences and knowledge and identify opportunities and strategies to improve in the industries.

The 219 DTS theme “Continuous Next” centered the event around the idea that “change is not only constant, but accelerating, particularly in the realm of technology and its impact on the practice of architecture, engineering, and construction in general,” said DTS chairman Robert Manna in his 2019 address. Presentations centered on five key areas: assistive intelligence, culture, “product” management, business management, and professional development.

“The industry is at a turning point, a lot of which is driven by building information modeling (BIM) and its promises, accomplishments, and, frankly, failures to date.” says Radu, design technology manager at Rushing, who attended the summit for the first time. “A generational handover is happening where the people entering the field in architecture, engineering, and construction are at least very computer literate, if not outright coders.  This makes the texture of BIM a far more digestible proposition for the professionals in the field, an