Project Services

The Rushing Project Services team is our administrative group that helps streamline and reinforce tasks from our day-to-day workflow to the executives, studios, and project teams. This group includes our Project Coordination and BIM teams.

Our Project Coordination team provides proactive and ongoing project support. Working collaboratively with the project managers, they ensure scope, project financials, email communications, and deadlines are maintained and executed in a timely manner. Simultaneously, the team assists in file organization, resource management, tracking, and auditing for all projects with the goal of exceeding client standards and expectations.

Rushing’s BIM team creates and manages information digitally on our projects. With a passion for 3D modeling design, the team recognizes and acts on the critical role their information-based field plays in all aspects. They troubleshoot, set up, tidy up, submit, and assist with our Revit drafting for all project phases. As versatile experts in their field, the BIM team is client focused while providing diligent attention to detail for our internal team.