Project Description

Zach Uhrich

Plumbing project engineer


Zach graduated from Central Washington University with a B.S. in mechanical engineering technology and an M.S. in engineering technology systems. During his master’s program Zach designed a portable generator for backpacking to use in place solar panels in hiking under thick trees or cloud cover when sun isn’t readily available.

At Rushing, Zach is applying a strong education in engineering systems and technology and recent experience with University of Washington Transportation Services to an aspect of engineering that’s new to him—plumbing engineering. He enjoys the emphasis on learning and self-improvement at Rushing, from the most senior engineers to colleagues earlier in their career.

Outside of work Zach enjoys playing and watching sports of all kinds. He has played soccer his entire life and is a big local sports team fan. He also spends his time woodworking, wood burning and enjoying time out in the woods in nature.