Project Description

Siim Parna

Electrical Project Engineer

Siim realized his interest in engineering while working as an apprentice telecommunications network designer. Following his two year apprenticeship he enrolled in college to study engineering, graduating from Walla Walla University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a concentration in electrical engineering.

As an engineer in training (EIT), Rushing has exposed Siim to the MEP consulting industry. Upon joining Rushing he became part of the Sound Transit team as the electrical designer for Lynwood Link Extension (LLE) project. Siim quickly learned the tools to support the team in helping design the lighting for LLE, and since then he has been involved in every Sound Transit project trusted to Rushing, providing lighting and power design, and construction administration.

Siim is driven by an interest in the technical aspect of this work, which sparked his desire to study engineering in the first place. He constantly looks to hone his technical expertise as he advances in his career.

In his free time Siim likes to take any opportunity to get physically active. Some of the activities he enjoys the most, in order of preference, include lifting weights, volleyball, hiking, snowboarding, badminton, running and biking.