Rae Anne Rushing

Rae Anne Rushing

Rae Anne Rushing



“If I had an hour to solve a problem, I would spend the first fifty-five minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” – Albert Einstein

Every project is different, and finding the perfect solution for our clients requires us to be very creative. There has NEVER been an issue we, as a team, could not solve.

Rae Anne founded Rushing to provide truly integrative design and owner support in procuring cost-smart and sustainability conscious MEP services. As a licensed professional engineer with 33 years in the design and construction industry, Rae Anne is recognized as a community leader, disrupter, and change-maker. Rae Anne continues to move our industry forward in areas of diversity and inclusion, supporting, promoting, and mentoring non-homogeneous ways of problem-solving. Rae Anne is enthusiastic about the future of solving Climate Change and infuses that enthusiasm into her work with others – her energy is contagious and radiates throughout the entire industry, fueling passion to those around her.


With over 30 years in the industry and a wide bandwidth of experience, Rae Anne’s brings extensive experience in strategic planning and management of engineering and construction services. Rae Anne and her team profoundly understand construction contracting, delivering valuable perspective in budget conversations. Rae Anne believes cost and constructability information is critical early in the conceptual phase, allowing a complete project analysis to inform critical decisions. Whether you work directly with Rae Anne or are a member of her team, her enthusiasm, energy, and ability to transform obstacles into opportunities makes each project yield the benefits of integrated design.


Rae Anne is committed to community involvement, generously giving her time, energy, and experience to many local nonprofits. She has been involved on the national level with the Clinton Global Initiative, focused explicitly on introducing more young women to the engineering professions—bringing the current gender disparity in the field into balance.

As a recognized outstanding women business owner in the Pacific Northwest, Rae Anne was the 2019 Finalist for ELEVATE Industry Impact Award as well as a finalist for the 2011 Nellie Cashman Award.


Rae Anne is the past president of the local chapter of ASHRAE Puget Sound, which received two national accolades that year: 2002 ASHRAE Best Chapter Nationally and 2002 National Technical, Energy and Government Affairs Best Chapter.


Rae Anne’s passions extend greater than her left brain—she thoroughly enjoys making art and painting and founded the company’s ‘Engineers Doing Art’ events.