Emily Carrasco

Emily Carrasco

Emily Carrasco

Principal | Chief Marketing Officer

IALD Associate, LEED AP ID+C

“Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best.” – Frank Loyd Wright

At Rushing we are authentically passionate about our work, our people, and our impact.   This passion fuels our purpose and our commitment to provide best-in-class solutions.

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Rushing, Emily Carrasco oversees the planning, development, and execution of Rushing’s marketing and business development initiatives, finding the perfect balance of creativity, problem-solving, technical attributes, and aesthetics.

With an interior design degree from Washington State University, Emily joined Rushing in 2010; as the company’s first lighting designer, accountable for promoting the need for lighting design to be a specialized service beyond electrical engineering. Emily played a vital role in developing Rushing’s lighting design team into what it is today. As one of Rushing’s female partners, it is important to Emily to support female and other types of diversity within the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. Emily was featured as an Influential Women Mentor in the PSBJ Annual Mentoring Program and continues participating in community roundtables and women mentoring programs. Recognized for her thought leadership and innovation, Emily is passionate about the community of changemakers and innovators she collaborates with and the impact we can make together. Emily’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and leadership. She thrives in challenges and is inspired to find creative solutions, particularly those that expand Rushing’s reach.

Emily is a wanderlust enthusiast and makes it her mission to visit at least one new destination a year with her family.