Here is a  brief introduction and overview of the typical metering system.

First: the relevant 2009 WSEC Code section is here:



The owner typically provides the system (though not always). I believe it is usually direct to owner since the meter and meter reading system vendor usually becomes the billing company and they will quote the whole package as such.They all want to provide the scope associated with ongoing billing services and bundling billing it as such probably gets you the best pricing on the system.

Potential well qualified providers:
Jeff Lowry or Kelly Koontz, Submeter Solutions, Inc. 1451 West Valley Hwy North, Auburn, WA 98001 425-228-6831
Mike Ringer, 425.508.4333 Ista North America
Minol USA, Mike Fletcher, North West Regional Sales Manager Cell 206-972-4724
Phillip W Neeves, National Director Multifamily Sales, 469-791-4777, Cell 719-304-4111

An Automated meter reading system (AMR) is used to collect the data from the meters. The Innovonics Tapwatch System is far and away the dominant and best product out there and all the vendors sell this product. Below is a simplified graphic from the Innovonics catalog.

Meters –1 Transmitter per meter—Repeaters—Receiver—Remote Data Logger










Rough in of the meters might look like this:
This project has both hot and cold water meters.
The lower one is the cold water meter base and couplings. When ready, the cap gets removed and the meter body screws into the base.
The upper one is a spool piece with couplings provided with the hot water meter.
The hot water meter bases themselves won’t go in until the system is filled and tested. 
They are sensitive to debris.

Hot water meters type being installed on the project above:



Cold water meter type being installed on the project above: