A New Fitwel Standard is Coming Soon

The Center for Active Design has announced the forthcoming release of the Fitwel Standard, Version 3 (v3). The new Standard will reflect insights from the latest public health research and data-based evidence substantiating the valuable link between health and the built environment. It will offer a streamlined and more efficient documentation and certification process, new evidence-based health-promoting strategies, and improved scorecard solutions for multi-tenant buildings that expand and optimize the impact of Fitwel’s health-promoting strategies. 

Active registered v2.1 projects can continue to certify under the v2.1 Fitwel Standard. The launch of v3 will not impact registered v2.1 projects that pay for certification before the end of 2023 or initiate recertification prior to the launch of v3; however, all new projects registered after the v3 launch date will need to register and certify under the new version.  

Rushing is actively following these updates to Fitwel Standard, Version 3, as well as future changes, to best ensure the success of our projects. Learn more about our Sustainability Expertise.