For the second year in a row, Alexandra Ramsden will be presenting at the Living Future unConference which will be held in Portland this year from May 21-23. 

LivingFuture-13-vectorAlexandra, in collaboration with Ilana Judah of FXFOWLE and Jennifer Preston of BKSK Architects, will be conducting a session called Creating the Exquisite through Natural Inspiration, which seeks to translate inspiration found in nature into building design.

Nature creates awe inspiring colors and forms which stun every one of us. And, this beauty typically serves a necessary function as well. Nature is a seasoned teacher from which we can learn how to design buildings which capture true beauty and weave it into sustainable performance.  

Alexandra will bring her expertise in biomimicry to the table to provide the tools for how to translate nature’s beauty and function into a design problem which attendees will solve together during the session.

More details about the session can be found here.