Rushing has been ranked number nine among the 14 most equitable workplaces in Washington State, in a first-time ranking by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

The Business Journal partnered with Gender Equity Now, a Seattle-based organization, to survey and rank companies. Five metrics were used in the ranking, according to the journal:

Bias Neutrality Score (BNS): Does this organization embrace the processes and mechanics proven to diminish the impact of unconscious bias?

Employee Resonance Score (ERS): Does the organization offer the programs and policies proven to increase job satisfaction and engagement for employees of all backgrounds?

Accessibility Score (AS): Are all employees equally aware of, familiar with, and comfortable accessing opportunities offered by their employer?

Experience Perception Gap (EPG): This metric measures the difference between different populations’ lived experiences in their workplace. For example, do equal percentages of women and men, or white employees and employees of color, report being asked about their career goals in the last 12 months?

Visible Advocacy Score (VAS): The VAS evaluates how intentionally visible and transparent the organization is in communicating their commitment to gender equity, including their strategy, both internally and externally.


In order to be considered for the ranking, companies had to meet a 60 percent threshold across the five metrics and at least 75 percent of employees had to respond to the survey. Rushing scored 69.73 on the index.

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