Rushing team members have been named among the speakers slated to present at the virtual 2021 Living Future unconference. Alexandra Ramsden, principal and director of sustainability, and Nathan Miller, senior energy analyst and mechanical engineer, will present from Rushing, along with Myer Harrell, principal and director of sustainability at Weber Thompson, and Aaron Keeler, senior director of development for Greystar.

The session, entitled “High Rises + Humans: The Pursuit of Net Positive Energy,” will be on Thursday, April 22 from 2:45-3:45 p.m. and will explore the future of dense, high-performing residential areas and how interdisciplinary collaboration continues to foster research and innovation in this future.

This presentation follows a 2018 white paper co-authored by Alexandra, Myer and Rushing senior energy analyst, Nathan Miller. “Pursuing High-Rise Multifamily Energy Efficiency in Seattle” examined the impact of the Seattle Energy Code on design and construction of this building type. The Living Future presentation extends this conversation.

The Living Future unConference will be all virtual, April 20-23, 2021. According to the International Living Future Institute, the upcoming conference will focus on inclusion and unity, examining “ways to stop the drivers of climate change and address the structural inequities in the built environment.”

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