Keith Spitzer has joined the Rushing team this summer as a plumbing engineer intern. We asked Keith to share about his experience joining a team remotely, how he became interested in plumbing engineering and what he’s been doing for fun lately.

Q. How did you become interested in plumbing engineering?
A. In school my favorite sequences have been sustainable design, system design, and fluid dynamics. When I sought an internship this summer I wanted to find a progressive company who would place me in a position that would leverage my enthusiasm in these topics. Though I didn’t know that I would end up in plumbing when I first applied to Rushing, as soon as Chris Little told me of the challenges unique to Seattle and how you can’t just complacently slap a gas boiler in a project and call it a day, I knew that plumbing engineering at Rushing would be a great fit.

Q. What has surprised you about the work so far?
A. I have been surprised by how many layered steps it takes to make a plumbing system. Oftentimes I’ll think something is done only to learn there are 10 more steps down the line. Certainly a rookie move. The systems are so complex that in my first month of work, I don’t think I have done the same thing twice.

Q. How has your experience been, doing an internship remotely?
A. Honestly, working remotely has had its challenges, but this is the time we live in so I think it’s best to embrace it. Teams has been a valuable resource for connecting with the department. Everyone has been very kind and welcoming which has made the blind leap of a new job more stable.

Q. What are you doing for fun these days?
A. I am working remotely from Poulsbo, Washington, so I have the relatively untouched Olympic National Park and Forest in my backyard. I have been hiking nearly every weekend. I am also a tremendous sailing enthusiast and have been sailing on the family sailboat and my I-14 skiff.

Q. What’s on your bucket list?
A. I’d like to race on a fully foiling sailboat along the lines of an Americas Cup AC75. There is something about sailing while also going 60 miles per hour that sounds exhilarating, not to mention an awesome feat of modern engineering.

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