Stormwater mitigation is a huge challenge facing the Puget Sound Region, and some great new ideas to address it have come out of the Urban Greenprint. In their most recent newsletter, Futurewise published an article about these lessons written by Rushing Director of Sustainability Alexandra Ramsden and Biomimicry Puget Sound co-founder Jennifer Barnes. In the article, Alexandra and Jennifer address the importance of enhancing green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) strategies by coupling them with nature-inspired designs that increase evaporation. In recognizing that the pre-development ecology of the Puget Sound region included not only higher infiltration, but a substantially greater atmospheric return of rainfall – 50% historically versus the current 17% – the importance of evaporative strategies becomes clear. Utilizing multiple approaches and focusing on a comprehensive scale will help the region to effectively address runoff impacts in the coming years.

Futurewise is a political action group that advocates for responsible growth throughout the State of Washington, creating and maintaining sustainable, livable communities while protecting farmland, forests and shorelines.