Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems design include calculations and sizing of building infrastructure to maintain indoor design temperature, humidity, and appropriate ventilation as required by the building owner.

Our team of engineers specify and coordinate equipment and accessories to accomplish optimal indoor conditions. We minimize operating costs while maximizing occupant comfort. We utilize Block loads, Zone loads, Energy Modeling, Natural Ventilation Modeling, specialty manufacturer selection software, and custom spreadsheets in order to appropriately select and size HVAC systems.

At Rushing, our Principals have spent their careers volunteering many hours in the review and writing of Building, Mechanical, Energy, Plumbing, and Fire Codes at the State and City levels. This Technical Advisory role that our staff plays at the City level affords our clients an inside tract into upcoming changes, as well as the most current and accurate information regarding Director’s Rules or potential new Rules. It is our vision at Rushing to be on the leading edge of code writing and implementation so that we can ensure our systems designs are compliant with the leading edge in code compliance.