Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering team at Rushing designs heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems that optimize indoor conditions according to building owner requirements. We minimize operating costs while maximizing occupant comfort. In recommending HVAC systems we utilize block loads, zone loads, energy modeling, natural ventilation modeling, specialty manufacturer selection software and custom spreadsheets.

Our principals have volunteered numerous hours as technical advisers for state and city code development for the building, fire, energy, mechanical, and plumbing codes. This affords our clients an inside tract into upcoming changes, as well as the most current and accurate information regarding director’s rules or potential new rules. 

Mechanical Services

We advise owners, developers, architects, engineers, public agencies, businesses, general contractors and operations teams, to define goals, assess projects within their context and design cost effective solutions. Mechanical engineering services include the following:

  • Stamped full mechanical design drawings.
  • Campus and building mechanical service distribution.
  • Coordination with mechanical service providers.
  • In-building mechanical systems design and coordination.
  • Sustainable energy solutions.
  • Design/build contractor assistance for preparation of stamped permit-level drawings.
  • Existing building investigations.
  • Peer review.
  • Expertise in high rise mechanical systems and SEC 403.1.1 pre-design conferences to meet life safety requirements for City of Seattle.
  • Digital metering and submetering systems for tenant billing or energy usage analysis.
  • Bidding analysis for contractor selection.

My favorite group to work with over the years! For me Rushing company culture includes a lot of things: collaboration, experience, innovation, knowledge and always teamwork.

Mark Glass, Schnitzer West