Linda Coppa is a senior mechanical engineer at Rushing. We asked Linda to give us a peek into her work-from-home life as well as share about how she got into her field and the project she’s excited about right now.

Q. How did you get interested in mechanical engineering?
A. I was first interested when a female engineer came to my high school math class and talked about engineering as a career. I was even more enthusiastic about engineering when I learned that I could get a degree in four years.

Q. How have you found a sense of community during this time?
A. I have been checking in with family over Alexa and Skype. I talk with my mom every day and I use a social network for athletes to see what my friends are doing for exercise and to give them kudos. I have friends all over the world that post their bike rides, runs and swims.

Q. How have you kept your meals interesting?
A. My husband likes to cook and has been experimenting. My favorite new dish is lasagna with eggplant and tofu.

Q. What has brought you joy this week?
A. My two orange cats love that I am home every day. My mom and I have been watching the Aerial America Series on Smithsonian. There is a show for every state so I have lots of them to watch.

Q. How are you staying active?
A. Since I’m no longer riding my bike to work I am running in my neighborhood, cycling and plan to do some solo lake swims. We also have some free weights in our garage where I do core exercises.

Q. Which project are you excited about right now?
A. I am excited about working on Sound Transit projects. I’m inspired by the passion of our team and a feel a sense of purpose in contributing to projects that will help our economy recover.

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