Ian Robinson is an energy analyst and mechanical engineer at Rushing. We asked Ian to share about how he got into his field, what work from home looks like right now and the project he’s excited about—a three-tower complex in Bellevue.

Q. How did you get interested in energy and engineering?
A. I realized towards the end of university that I wanted to find a way to use my engineering education for something that would do good in the world. Being an environmentalist, I honed in pretty quickly on a career where my day-to-day activities would at least in some way be working towards a more sustainable future. That line of inquiry pushed me to go straight into a master’s program in green technologies, after which I started working in energy efficiency. I’ve worked on both existing buildings and new building design, but the focus on energy has stayed the same.

Q. How have you found/maintained a sense of community during this time? 
A. Andi suggested the energy team get together for a virtual game night, which definitely helped the energy team stay connected. We played SmallWorld, which has a decent online implementation on Steam. I also live with a ton of family (currently there are seven of us in the house) so maintaining community has fortunately been pretty built-in for me.

Q. What has brought you joy this week?  
A. Clearing the 20+ years of jungle that was eating the sidewalk below my dad’s house. It’s a bonus that it’s on my route to the office whenever we open up again.

Q. What are you doing to keep a routine?
A. What’s a routine?

Q. Which project are you excited about right now?
A. I’m pretty excited about the Cloudvue project we just landed. The multiple towers with varied use types present a fun opportunity to explore what synergies we can create (and how we can model them), and the sheer scale of the project means that moving the needle on energy performance will have an appreciable impact in terms of real carbon emissions.

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