Rushing mechanical - Diana Fisher

Diana Fisher is a mechanical engineer at Rushing. Here, Diana shares about how she got into engineering, a current project, and how she stays active. 

Q. How did you get interested in mechanical engineering?
A. For me engineering is something that runs in my family – I’m a third generation mechanical engineer (thanks, dad and grandpa!). Pair that with my love of figuring out how and why things work, and it seemed like a great choice for me. I always enjoyed my math and science classes, assembling LEGO and K’nex building sets, and taking things apart to try to put them back together (RIP to many kid meal toys). Now that I’m in the industry I really enjoy the other aspects of engineering—the collaborative team effort, creative problem solving and the possibilities for sustainability and energy savings to help in the ongoing climate crisis.

Q. How do you stay active?
A. I’ve made a point of trying to get outside more than before. My family is pretty outdoorsy so it’s been great to get outside with them on hikes, fishing days, or lake days when the weather allows. My roommate and I have also started taking daily walks together after work. It’s been a great way to take advantage of the slower pace of life this last year, chat about our respective days and philosophize a bit. I’m excited for many more sunny days coming soon!

Q. Have you picked back up any hobbies recently or started a new one?
A. This last year I’ve gotten back into reading. It’s something I loved growing up but didn’t do much of in or after college. I’m so excited to have picked that back up again though—it’s also been a great way to maintain a sense of community because a few friends and I created a mini book club to read and discuss different books this past year. We’re able to trade books around after sharing recommendations, and inevitably the calls or masked/distanced meet-ups just turn into life chats and reminiscing about our days in the dance program together.