Brian Hoang is an electrical project engineer at Rushing. Here, Brian gives us a peek into his work-from-home life—from gardening to cooking—and shares about his early interest in electricity and current project. 

Q. How did you get interested in electrical engineering?
A. I always saw electricity as magic growing up. It was this surreal force that we use every day but many can’t explain well. I wanted to know more about it and became fascinated the more I studied about it.

Q. What are you doing to keep a routine?
A. I have never been good with routines. Always felt that once you get stuck in one, you lose the sense of adventure and fall to the comfort of monotony. I like to take my experience day by day. Although my thermostat does let me know when to wake up so I’m not tardy.

Q. How have you found a sense of community during this time?
A. Throughout the day I will go outside to get some fresh air and do some mild stretching. While I am out there, I will happen upon neighbors walking their dogs or grabbing the mail. We exchange introductions and go on our way. I’ve lived here for nearly two years and it is still my first time meeting people. Better late than never.

Q. What has brought you joy this week?
A. I have been enjoying my garden during these sunny days. The pops of color splattered throughout my yard is calming.

Q. How have you kept your meals interesting? 
A. While working from home, I’ve increased my home cooking. To keep meals interesting, I like to explore different culture cuisines. Once you get the basic ingredients for the culture, you’ll be amazed by how many cultures use them as well.

Q. Have you picked back up any hobbies or started a new one?
A. I have picked up on watching cooking on YouTube and even tried a few recipes. It has been encouraging to know that cooking isn’t terribly difficult.

Q. How are you staying active?
A. Gardening! During my air breaks I spend a bit of time to take care of a few weeds. Over the weekend, I will spend a day filling my yard waste bin.

Q. Which project are you excited about right now?
A. I’m exited about the Sound Transit Light Rail projects I am working on. It brings great pride knowing I am making a direct impact on my community and bridging communities in the greater Seattle region.

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