Our local waters are far more polluted than you think…

The rapidly increasing development surrounding the Lake Union area is negatively impacting the health of our waters. With thousands of manmade outfalls that supply billions of gallons of polluted water directly into nearby waters, the detrimental effects are becoming evident. Downstream of the stormdrains large areas of the lake are covered in toxic sludge, leaving nothing left alive in the area. The pollutants in these billions of gallons of stormwater make the Lake Union a toxic soup, threatening iconic wildlife, like salmon, crawfish and birds.

In an attempt to curb the impact that stormwater runoff has on Seattle waters, SCGA and KPFF Consulting Engineers are actively encouraging us all to do our part to minimize the impact to the lake.

The image above (provided by KPFF) illustrate the flow of unfiltered water into Lake Washington


The image above (provided by KPFF) illustrates the 3 untreated catch basins near the KPFF office that are intended to be converted this year using funds raised through the Clean Lake Union Race

(image provided by KPFF)

Rushing Team at the Clean Lake Union Race (CLUR) event (image provided by KPFF)