We are humbled by this opportunity to listen, learn and provide clear support for the complete eradication of racism in America. The images circulating daily, documenting injustice, make it impossible for anyone to ignore that change, real change, must occur now.   

At Rushing we commit to using our voice to advocate for change. We commit to employing our shared values that inform every aspect of our work to their fullest degree in advancing this change—including courageous transparency, open-minded learning, focused actions and patient resolve.

It is with our loudest voice of support and willing hearts to learn that we offer this plan:

  1. Utilize existing social justice strategies outlined in protocols such as JUST, LEED and Living Building Challenge on our projects, even when these protocols are not in play.
  2. Use our technical commentary power to move the sustainability protocol development agenda to advance racism awareness and eradication in design and construction.
  3. Share feedback with each other. We encourage your feedback to Rushing by emailing our team-led Rushing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee at redi@rushingco.com.
  4. Learn from frontline leaders. Here are some of the resources our team has found useful:

Furthermore, Rushing will be closing at noon on Friday, June 12, 2020, to support the Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County statewide silent march and encourage all who are able to attend.

Rushing joins the swelling voices calling for change and we invite you to do the same.