Seattle is hosting Living Future unConference 2013: Resilience and Regeneration from May 15-17. This year, Alexandra Ramsden will be speaking on Biomimicry and urban ecosystem metrics. Alexandra will be collaborating on this effort with 3 other sustainability experts: Jennifer Barnes with 55-5 Consulting (and cofounder of Biomimicry Puget Sound with Alexandra), Kevin Halsey with Parametrix, and Brent Davies with Ecotrust.

The panel is titled “Ecosystem Services & Biomimicry: New Tools and Approaches to Improve Urban Resilience” and will be at 10:30am on Friday, May 17. The presentation will introduce Biomimicry Puget Sound’s Urban Greenprint project partially funded by the Bullitt Foundation, discuss how it relates to ecosystem services, and highlight how it can improve urban planning decisions. The group will be presenting findings of the project followed by a facilitated discussion to shape approaches to urban planning and design in Seattle.  The group sessions will focus on biomimicry; urban ecosystem services; understanding the trade-offs between resilience, human health, and density; and strategies for communicating the ecosystem service benefits associated with the built environment.