Our LEED Platinum office is our testing ground, a space where we take design to the next level and utilize the products we recommend every day to our clients. In renovating the 1920’s space, we created an engaging, healthy work environment which doubles as a showcase for innovative design strategies.

Living LEED.

Footprint Reduction. We outfitted our space with a direct digital control (DDC) system, which monitors and controls all of the HVAC systems and energy use (electricity and natural gas) for the office. With help from Seattle City Light and the Energy Smart incentive program, we replaced the outdated HVAC units with high-efficiency equipment. The updated HVAC system and high-efficiency lighting fixtures led to a 38% reduction in overall energy use compared to the national standard, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

More with Less. We designed with a “less is more” philosophy in mind, using sustainable, recycled, or repurposed materials but kept it high quality and high performance. We carefully designed the space to maintain about 90% of the building interior and 66% of furniture and furnishings from the previous office space. New materials included a combination of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, recycled, and reused products, including chairs from an old elementary school!

Healthy = Creative. By using materials with low to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and increasing ventilation 30% compared to the national standard, we’ve ensured excellent air quality in the office. Lighting controls and daylighting sensors in our office capture as much natural light as Seattle will deliver, providing 98% daylighting and access to views for all employees. The office also includes bike storage, changing rooms, and low-flow showers, supporting both employee health and reducing the carbon footprint of commuting in personal vehicles.

Go Low-Flow. We installed sensor-operated lavatory faucets, low-flow toilets, and ultra low-flow urinals in our restrooms. Along with low-flow showerheads and a low-flow kitchen faucet, these fixtures helped reduce potable water usage in our office by 48% compared to the national standard. We tested three different types of toilets and debunked the gimmick of self-charging low-flow faucets, learning valuable lessons we pass on to our clients.

Ongoing Commitment. Our dedication to sustainability didn’t stop when we hung the LEED plaque on our wall. We’ve made a commitment to stay in the space for a minimum of 10 years. We continue to test new products, including the recent addition of new lighting and controls in our conference room and installation of a Niagara Stealth toilet with a .95/.5 GPF dual flush. We installed an EV charging station in the garage and encourage employees to use public transportation and ride-share services. Our office intersects our culture, and our space allows us to live our sustainable values.