2021 Energy Code Webinar: Multifamily

This week, Rushing hosted a 2021 Energy Code: Multifamily Webinar! We hope you found value in the discussion on expected impacts of changes in the upcoming code updates. The slide deck and session recording from this week are linked below.

Meeting Recording
2021 Energy Codes WSEC & SEC Presentation – Multifamily

Many of you may have already heard: while we were in the presentation, the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) passed a 120 day delay of the 2021 Washington State Buildings Codes, with a new implementation date of October 29, 2023.

The SBCC also approved a second motion to convene two Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) to consider stakeholder proposals to modify sections of the 2021 Washington State Energy Codes (WSEC) for both Commercial Buildings and Residential Buildings.

WSEC Updates
SEC Updates

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