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Bike Safety

This chart is from a Canadian study of cyclists injured while riding in urban areas. It shows the relative safety of different street configurations vs. the preference (perhaps an indicator of “perceived safety”) of the cyclists. The farther to the [...]

2017-03-22T08:32:14-07:00October 31, 2012|

Protect that space shuttle!

Anybody who worked on the Museum of Flight project for the attempt to get one of the space shuttles located here in Seattle ought to find this image humorous. If you aren’t in the know, we had to design to [...]

2017-03-22T08:32:14-07:00October 31, 2012|

The Electric Car Experience

By now you most likely have read or seen an article that compares the various models of electric vehicles. These articles are very informative and provide a great starting point for the electric car shopper that is trying to sort [...]

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