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Rushing Holiday Party

This year we decided to do something a little different for our holiday party. We went go kart racing at K1 Speed in Redmond! After a number of highly competitive qualifying rounds, first place went to Ryan Wall, second to Mitch [...]

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Effects of Low-Flow Toilets on Drainage Systems

The Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition (PERC) recently released a study on the effects of low-flow toilets on drainage systems. The main takeaways from this study are that 1.6 and 1.28 gpf toilets have no significant detrimental effect on drain line [...]

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GreenBuild Top 10 Products for 2013

In November, Alexandra Ramsden and I attended the 2012 International Greenbuild Conference in San Francisco. Among the presentations was BuildingGreen founder Alex Wilson's list of Top 10 Products for 2013. 

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Biomimicry in Seattle

Exciting news from the Seattle sustainability community! November 1 marked the launch of Biomimicry Puget Sound. BPS is a network of local biomimicry enthusiasts gathering to foster change in policy, design and lifestyle through the perspective of nature. I organized [...]

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Bike Safety

This chart is from a Canadian study of cyclists injured while riding in urban areas. It shows the relative safety of different street configurations vs. the preference (perhaps an indicator of “perceived safety”) of the cyclists. The farther to the [...]

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Protect that space shuttle!

Anybody who worked on the Museum of Flight project for the attempt to get one of the space shuttles located here in Seattle ought to find this image humorous. If you aren’t in the know, we had to design to [...]

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The Electric Car Experience

By now you most likely have read or seen an article that compares the various models of electric vehicles. These articles are very informative and provide a great starting point for the electric car shopper that is trying to sort [...]

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