Project Description

Romie Smith

Administrative Coordinator

Romie aims to wear as many hats as possible at Rushing. She currently handles construction administration (CA) intake and supports accounting and the front desk with Lili.

She has brought her project management, contract documents, and bookkeeping experience to Rushing to further embed herself in this industry.

She holds associate degrees in business and applied sciences with a concentration in accounting as well as a certificate in accounting. She thoroughly enjoys the support she provides in an office and in order to strengthen her career, she intends to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

Outside the office, she spends time with her husband, Charlie and son, Khadin. They enjoy playing games, cooking, crafting, and day excursions. She ritually listens to crime podcasts, goes Goodwill hunting, and hangs out with her cats, Ashe and Grey.

Fun fact: Although she was born and raised in Seattle, Romie has never been to the top of the Space Needle.