Project Description

David Dearse

David Dearse

Senior Mechanical Engineer

The fundamental principles guiding David’s approach to mechanical design include thorough attention to detail, commitment to effective coordination with other trades, and a strong belief that maintainability is a critical element of successful sustainable design. David began his HVAC career conducting testing, adjusting, and balancing at his father’s company. Performing this quick and thorough analysis of the operation of mechanical systems gave him invaluable hands-on experience working with a variety of systems.

David earned his degree in Bio-systems Engineering (previously known as Agricultural Engineering) from the University of Kentucky. In his 16 years of mechanical engineering experience, he has created designs for a diverse range of projects including telecommunication facilities, manufacturing facilities, ground source HVAC systems, and central heating and cooling plants. David has been an active member of the Puget Sound chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) throughout his career.

Being able to bike to the office is a big perk of working at Rushing for David. An active hobbyist, he also enjoys hiking, kayaking, and skiing and is devoted to his two young children.