Project Description

Aniket Shah

Electrical Project Engineer

Aniket is an electrical engineering graduate from Georgia Tech.  He moved to Seattle to work for Rushing in July 2017 and has passionately enjoyed working for this company since.  He is in the process of getting his PE and currently has an FE certification. What he loves most about working for Rushing is that he has the ability to grow here.  Aniket says the management and organization here is the best he has experienced.  He is looking forward to contributing to Rushing’s ongoing success as Rushing will for him.

Outside of the workplace, Aniket enjoys participating in triathlons, dance, and mountaineering.  He completed his first Ironman in October 2017 and am participating in more triathlons this year.  He creates dance videos 3 to 4 times a year ( .  He is also planning on climbing Mount Adams and Mount Rainier this summer.