The Sustainability Studio provides guidance and technical expertise for incorporating sustainability into buildings, organizational practices and individual professional development.  Our services are customized for each client, helping each one find a comfortable, impactful, cost-smart means to achieve their goals.

This multidisciplinary group provides the expertise to evaluate building performance from a “whole building” perspective. The in-house partnership of this Studio and our engineering teams means we evaluate all sustainability and efficiency aspects of a project, and seek out benefits which can be reaped from the inter-relationships between building systems and site components.

We advise owners, developers, architects, engineers, public agencies, businesses, general contractors, and operations teams, to define goals, assess projects within their context, analyze sustainability opportunities, and design cost effective solutions.

Blending ecological expertise and technical know-how, the Sustainability Studio services include the following.

  • Sustainable strategy development – consulting, workshop facilitation, and design conceptualization advice including cost/benefit analysis
  • Climate adaptation strategy development – advice for design and/or renovations of buildings for preparation of near future climate impacts
  • Technical analysis – daylighting, water efficiency, photovoltaic inputs, energy efficiency, material life cycle costs, natural ventilation
  • LEED Certification management and administration
  • Existing building sustainable policy & plan development
  • LEED Certification for existing buildings – LEED-EBOM
  • Tenant improvement design guidelines
  • Post-occupancy evaluations
  • Living Building and Net-Zero strategy development & analyses
  • Funding procurement
  • Curriculum development & instruction
  • Green Operations & Maintenance Training
  • Green Material Selection Training
  • Training for LEED Accreditation
  • General Contractor LEED Training